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We take great pride in sourcing our produce, both local and imports which support good farming practice.

Adelphi & Co. is always striving to provide only the best in terms of food, coffee, service and environment. We believe that we can improve people’s lives through business and we want to make a positive impact during the touch point of customer service. Located at a vibrant and urban setting, we aspire to bring warmth and well-versed services to the community. Our aim is to give you a new experience each time you step foot into Adelphi & Co.

Together with a mission to introduce a different yet memorable dining experience in Kota Kinabalu, our menu is heavily inspired by both Modern European and Asian fusion. We introduce carefully handcrafted menu periodically to live up to our aim of giving you a new experience every time.


Roy’s real first step towards the world of coffee came through brewing his first cup of coffee from an espresso machine that was brought home.

Promising to bring a different and exciting experience to the community, Roy travelled the world, finding his inspiration and love for food and coffee. In the midst of his long journey, he found his partner, his menu and his family in Adelphi & Co.


Some of you may be wondering who the mastermind behind Adelphi’s kitchen is, we can most certainly say that he is camera shy. It’s about time we break the ice!

Chef Jimmy is a local Malaysian boy, grew up in the town of Johor Bahru. At a young age, Chef Jimmy only has eyes for good food and in the midst of it all, he found interest in cooking, bearing in his mind that “if other people can do it, I can do it better!”

Having worked in restaurants which serve various cuisines from different parts of the world, Chef Jimmy believes that there is no place that serves 100% Western or 100% Japanese, that there is a slight influence one country or the other. At only 29, Jimmy had the privilege to train alongside 2-Michelin star British chef, Marcus Wareing at The Gilbert Scott London. During his training period, he realized that in order to make an amazing dish, it needs only the simplest ingredients, nothing too fancy. It changed his perception of only expensive raw ingredients can be qualified as fine food.

One quote that always resonates with Chef Jimmy is one by Leonardo da Vinci, “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication”. Chef Jimmy is a strong advocate of using basic raw ingredients and combining them to create a dish that is ‘out of the box’, exquisite even.

Are you curious as to why a city boy like Chef Jimmy would stay rooted in a small town like Kota Kinabalu? Well, apart from his long standing friendship with the Adelphi brothers when they studied together in Birmingham. The biggest reason is because Kota Kinabalu is a place with mountain and ocean, blessed with many fresh and raw produce. It has certainly helped him in ways to grow as a chef. Of course, there is one other thing that made him fall in love with Kota Kinabalu and it’s because we have pretty amazing sunsets!