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Cuisine X Coffee by Adelphi & Co and INCH

Cuisine X Coffee by Adelphi & Co and INCH

April 13, 2017
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A friendly conversation was what started the collaboration between Adelphi & Co and INCH Coffee. Two nights of sold out tickets, we are so overwhelmed by such immense support by the local community. Such an unexpected one, we did not even imagine we would have a sold out event in the earlier stage of planning. So much hard work and effort go into making Cuisine X Coffee a successful one, all thanks to the team at both Adelphi & INCH.

In tradition, when we speak in the context of fine dining, wine pairing is what usually comes to one’s mind. We can’t help but notice the similarities of coffee and wine, both are made from fruit, heavily influenced by the soil and climate where they’re grown and there’s so much more to that that makes them alike.

Cuisine X Coffee is inspired by the richness of local produce of Sabah and we are proud to be first of its kind in Kota Kinabalu. With the entire dinner course revolving around five main flavour profiling: acidity, spicy, savoury, sweet and bittersweet, we presented a night of gastronomy with coffee pairings on the night of 11th & 12th April 2017.

The night was accompanied by jazz music and chatters between guests. It quickly became obvious what everyone’s favourite dish was. The beautifully plated seafood croquettes with Thai red pesto air, squid ink tile, watercress puree with soft vanilla polenta. Peculiar in a sense where it resembles the taste of our local ‘otak-otak’ and yet it looked nothing like one! The dish was perfected with a glass of cold coffee with salted coconut foam; it took everyone on a trip to a tropical island.

The night ended with a highlight, an introduction to the Bean-to-Bar chocolate. Sourcing fresh cocoa beans from Tawau and processing it into 72% single origin chocolate mousse. This ‘craft chocolate’ is handcrafted in one place, from picking the cocoa pods (fruits) to fermenting and processing the cacao beans to the finished product. Many do not know that in Sabah, we have among the world’s top cocoa quality. A lot of specialty chocolatiers around the world source their cocoa from Sabah. The purpose of this Bean to Bar concept is to introduce local chocolate to the community and help them understand the process of making it from its original bean form.

Every course that was presented was exquisite and made with so much care and preciseness; it was a night to appreciate our fresh local produce of Sabah. This will definitely not be the last of collaborations. There are so many that are venturing into the Food & Beverage industry today and we want to change the game of serving the community by lifting each other up through these collaborations. We sincerely hope that event such as this served as an eye opening one for guests to appreciate the quality even local ingredients can produce.